Nicotra offers its products in the range of: Belt drive centrifugal fans, Direct driven fans, Roof extracts units, Axial fans, Centrifugal impellers, Plug fans, Smoke spill centrifugal fans, Cabinet fans, In-line fans, Domestic Ventilator.



Nicotra Gebhardt
employs around 1000 people in 9 production sites and sales organisations in France, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Spain, India, China, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, and the USA. In addition, our sales agents and distributors are active in more than 30 countries for keeping in contact with our customers.

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NICOTRA started the production of centrifugal fans in the early sixties. The strong request from the market, the compliance of the fans to the technical specifications and the quality of the product quickly made of Nicotra the leading company in the Italian market of light duty ventilation.

Between 1980 and 1990 Nicotra developed an European network by creating commercial subsidiaries in France, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Great Britain in order to increase the sales in these countries through the availability of the product in local stocks and the support to customers given by regional sales managers.

In the same period Nicotra created a new plant in Tavagnacco then moved to Remanzacco and specialised in the production of fans for Air Handling Units.

The commercial success in Europe, the leading position in the Middle-East area and the strong international brand image made Nicotra to move into the Far-East market.

Between 1990 and 2003 Nicotra has opened subsidiaries in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, China and India.

In 2005 Nicotra bought the German company GebhardtVentilatoren acting in ventilation business with a strong position in the German and Northern Europe market reinforcing its international leading position.

GEBHARDT, founded in the year 1958, began producing a fan concept that was new for those times – direct driven centrifugal fans propelled by a newly developed external rotor motor.

This concept of a compact fan was quickly accepted by the market thus enabling the young company to develop successfully. The following years were characterised by steady growth in the company with an increasing range of products.

From 1984 to 1992, Gebhardt expanded by establishing and taking over companies in other European countries.
Later on, the company expanded to the Asian and North American markets establishing its own companies.
In addition, Gebhardt bought a plant in Vogtland (Germany) for manufacturing external rotor motors.
Another takeover of a company enabled Gebhardt to offer heavy duty industrial and process fans to the market.

All in all, Gebhardt has developed into one of the leading fan manufacturers in the European market.

NicotraA policy of continuous research and product development, along with stringent quality standards, ensure that Nicotra stay at the forefront of fan technology.
Product development is carried out by a specialist team working in an advanced laboratory for air performance testing in accordance with AMCA Standard 210.

Also in 1993 Nicotra SpA (Zingonia's plant) Quality Management System has been certified in accordance with the Standard ISO 9001

Also in 1993 Nicotra SpA (Zingonia's plant) Quality Management System has been certified in accordance with the Standard ISO 9001.

All the foregoing and the particular attention to Customer specific needs, make Nicotra a name that is synonymous with reliability and professionality in the industrial fan sector worldwide.

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